Implementation of a Flexible LIMS in Laboratory

/Implementation of a Flexible LIMS in Laboratory

Implementation of a Flexible LIMS in Laboratory


Agriya Analitika, as the representative of Autoscribe Ltd. was invited to Indonesia Total Laboratory Management Symposium in April 14th, 2010 to do a presentation on Implementation of a Flexible LIMS in Laboratory. We understand that there are plenty of LIMS vendor available in the market, and of course there are a number of things to consider such as whether the LIMS will be able to accommodate all your laboratory requirements. The presentation covers the necessity of having a highly flexible LIMS and help us on things to consider before we purchased a LIMS solution.


Today’s laboratories are streamlined environments where sample and data processing are organized in accordance with strict approved standard operating procedures. Laboratory Information Management System or LIMS software is the life blood of any laboratory operation, and recent advances have extended their reach to a wider group of users, regardless of any previous experience or training.

By its very nature, LIMS is designed to handle information throughout the laboratory, so it must be clear and straightforward to use, from correct data entry in sample reception to analyzing and reporting results. With data handling comes security, therefore password controlled zones are also necessary to ensure that only authorized personnel can gain access to sensitive functionality and information. The knock on effect is better resource allocation in the laboratory, and greater customer assurance over data management and integrity.

A copy of the white paper on “Implementation of a Flexible LIMS in Laboratory” as well as the presentation files are available for free. If you require a copy, please provide us with your email address by filling in the form in our contact page and we will reply you with the files attached to the email.

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