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Humidity Monitoring

Different hygrometers with multiple type of probes as well as hygrometer which also measures surface temperature via infrared

Fixed Humidity Probe

Hygrometer with Fixed Humidity Probe

  • Thermo element Type K thermometer with exchangeable probes
  • Applicable to be used within potentially explosive areas according to EN 60079-0:2012 and EN 60079-11:2012
  • Temperature measurement within potentially explosive areas
  • Process and facility monitoring
  • Examination in laboratories
  • Usage during the production or examination of e.g. solvent-based products, fuels and gases
Min/Max and Hold Options

Hygrometer with Min/Max and Hold Options

  • Thermometers with fixed probes or exchangeable probes.
  • Thermometers with rigid probes or probes with cable and hand grip
  • Broad range of various probes available for certain models
  • Surface temperature measurement
  • Core temperature measurement
Automatic Dew Point Calcullation

Hygrometer/Infrared Thermometer with Automatic Dew Point Calcullation

  • Thermometers with foldable probe for safe and convenient measurement and storage
  • One certain model is available with infrared measurement technology
  • Core temperature measurement
  • Surface temperature measurement (via infrared)

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