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CSols Links for LIMS

The complete instrument integration package for analytical laboratories

Links for LIMS™ is a compliant, configurable and easy to use instrument interfacing and integration software package that will give noticeable time savings and reduction in data processing errors. It provides an effective solution to address the fact that raw instrument results cannot usually be reported directly without further review, manipulation and validation.

Instrument-based techniques are used to perform the vast majority of analyses in laboratories. However, in order for a laboratory to maximize its (often considerable) investment in those instruments by effectively ensuring the reporting of quality laboratory results accurately (and quickly) to its customers, it must typically overcome two challenges:

  • navigate / link to its own organization’s IT system – where communication protocols and formats are rarely compatible between instruments and IT systems
  • implement the company’s analytical techniques / Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) / Quality Control (QC) procedures

Features & Benefits

  • Time saving for all users e.g. for an ICP-MS, several hours per instrument run
  • Easy to use – looks the same on all instrument types by linking instruments and LIMS, can work across the whole laboratory
  • Data presented in an easy to interpret format
  • Extracts sample data from the LIMS, sends instrument data to the LIMS
  • Removes ALL transcription errors from data transfer
  • Ensures SOP compliance in relation to data handling
  • QC checking and other quality checks before reporting
  • Calculations are automated (including unit conversions, blank or drift corrections)
  • Configured to meet lab requirements for decimal places or significant figures
  • Can be configured by determinant and be different for QCs
  • Quality Control: QC results checked against target values and flagged

Links for LIMS Overview

Links 4 LIMS at work

Links for LIMS is an easy to use software package that improves laboratory efficiency, delivers time savings and reduces errors in data processing, and provides an overall quality improvement in laboratory data management. It has a proven track record in many laboratories, linking to a range of LIMS (SampleManager, LabWorks, iSoft) and instruments (Agilent GC, LC and ICPs, Thermo iCAPs, X Series, LC and GC, Skalar and many more).

CSols Links for LIMS moves and manipulates data files, enabling analysts to carry out their tasks quickly, efficiently and compliantly. Many actions are automated and keyboard and mouse interaction is kept to a bare minimum; there are no laborious manual data transfers that could lead to transcription errors. The spreadsheet style view of the data allows the analyst to quickly assess the quality of the data from an instrument run and identify any issues that require investigation prior to submission. Results are NOT sent to the LIMS system without the authority of the analyst.

For more information check out our Links for LIMS Literature

Links for LIMS can be configured to meet the requirements of your LIMS / instrument combinations

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