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Matrix Instrument Data Acquisition System (MIDAS)

Matrix Instrument Data Acquisition System (MIDAS)

Are you concerned about transcription errors in your laboratory, or the time it takes to record results generated by your instruments? Autoscribe’s Matrix Instrument Data Acquisition System (MIDAS) module allows you to connect a wide variety of laboratory instruments and equipment to Matrix Gemini LIMS. MIDAS provides a flexible and repeatable way to capture and record data accurately and quickly, with the added advantage of helping to ensure the integrity of the information.

The Matrix Instrument Data Acquisition System (MIDAS) provides a solid and repeatable approach to connecting a wide variety of equipment right across the laboratory, from PCR and ELISA instruments to chromatographs. Many laboratory instruments are able to output a text file providing the results of tested samples, usually in the form of a CSV or text file.

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Matrix Instrument Data Acquisition System (MIDAS)

MIDAS will run invisibly in the background reading these files, manipulating the data and providing an automated way to load this data into Matrix Gemini LIMS.
The easy to use MIDAS editor enables the correct data to be extracted from the instrument file and then transfers that data into Matrix Gemini LIMS. Once setup MIDAS will run automatically in the background providing an invisible link between laboratory instruments and the LIMS.

This avoids tediously transcribing data by hand or manually manipulating data in spreadsheets, both of which are error prone. MIDAS provides a defendable, robust and effective methodology to ensure compliance with standards such as ISO17025 and GMP. Capturing test results into the LIMS also makes your laboratory more efficient, dramatically reducing costs and enabling higher levels of automation.

MIDAS System Overview

Key Benefits

  • Links a wide variety of laboratory instruments directly to the LIMS avoiding transcription errors, speeding up result entry and enabling a higher level of automation across the laboratory
  • The MIDAS module allows LIMS customers to instantly setup or modify instrument interfaces themselves avoiding the time delays and costs traditionally involved in linking and upgrading instruments
  • Runs silently as a background process receiving instrument data and importing it directly into the LIMS
  • Automated data capture simplifies the result review and approval process

Key Features

  • Reads data from standard text based instrument files including .txt and .csv
  • Extracts relevant data from the instrument file, and ensures it is associated with the correct data in Matrix Gemini LIMS before results are automatically assigned and, if required, checked against relevant specification limits
  • Easy to understand graphical interface enables the correct instrument data to be extracted for use

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