Lab Indonesia Exhibition 2024

Lab Indonesia Exhibition 2024

PT Agriya Analitika is back at Lab Indonesia 2024.

Agriya Analitika @Booth J23

Matrix Gemini LIMS Showcase

Matrix Gemini LIMS PC & Tablet

Matrix Gemini LIMS enables you to track and manage samples within different laboratory environments accross wide range of industries.

With modules such as environmental monitoring, instrument scheduling, inventory control and personnel competency tracker, Matrix Gemini LIMS improves productivity while helping you comply with regulations.

Visit our booth @ J23!

To further improve our reach to our customers, this year Agriya Analitika is participating in Lab Indonesia 2024, the largest laboratory exhibition in Indonesia. In this exhibition, visitors will get an in-depth knowledge on LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). Visitors to our booth will be able to listen to various talks on the stand and see a demonstration of our Matrix Gemini LIMS solution.

Technical Seminar: Laboratory Automation to Drive the “Golden Indonesia 2045 Vision” @ Room 3

Indonesia’s “Golden Indonesia 2045 Vision” has driven increased interest in using laboratory information management systems (LIMS) to drive quality standards, improve automation and increase efficiency. Indonesia’s vision is to become the fifth largest economy in the world by 2045. As a result, the Indonesian government is actively promoting the laboratory industry’s development in order to drive technical advances across the industry, boosting productivity and quality, which in turn will drive export volumes.

Live “LIMS” Configuration Challenge & Discussions

We encourage attendees to visit our booth J23 to listen to our regular talks on the stand during the day and to ask for a demonstration of our Matrix Gemini LIMS solution. To make it even more interesting, our local Matrix consultants are showcasing Matrix Gemini Configuration Tools, by running “The Configuration Challenge”. Matrix Gemini is a highly configurable product that can be implemented to match your business requirements specification. And just to illustrate the power of configuration in Matrix Gemini, we are offering you the opportunity to see this in person.

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