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Mobile Data Capture with Remote Sampler

Extending the Reach of LIMS through Remote Data Collection

Obtaining samples is a critical and labour intensive task carried out by organizations of all types. The actual process of collection and recording has benefited little from advances in computerization. However, driven by the overwhelming need to:

  • Reduce the costs of collection
  • Provide a paperless chain of custody throughout the life of the sample
  • Meet regulatory requirements e.g. UK Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI), MCerts, UKAS, Food Standards Agency
  • Take full advantage of those highly automated systems like LIMS already in place in laboratories

CSols, working in conjunction with Labmotive Ltd, have developed Remote Sampler: a ruggedized mobile data collection solution designed specifically for use in the water and environmental sectors.

Feature & Benefits

  • Transcription errors entirely eliminated
  • Data double-checked at the point of entry
  • Avoid bad handwriting and technician errors affect data quality
  • Full independent audit trail on the mobile device
  • Accredited methods and workflows can be configured
  • All historical data is stored and immediately available
  • No need for dedicated manual LIMS data entry
  • Automated route planning and guidance reduces overall fleet mileage
  • Minimize the potential for resamples
  • No more duplicated of effort
  • Additional data can be captured on every sample
  • Fewer re-samples reduces the overall workload
  • New work can be assigned wirelessly to users in the field
  • Unexpected scenarios are easily dealt with
Water Quality Technician using Remote Sampler

Remote Sampler Design

The Remote Sampler system allows a team of field technicians using mobile devices to receive and complete sampling jobs scheduled and managed from a central “hub” application. A centrally located scheduler using the hub can extract sample, bottle and test information from LIMS and flexibly assigned to the different devices and users in the sampling team.

Making life easy for the sampler

The software on both the handheld and hub systems has been carefully designed with active participation from a number of end users to maximize usability and to ensure that the software meets the demanding technical requirements often found in regulated industries.

Bottle collection

When bottles, tubes or plates are used to collect samples it is important to ensure the unique identifier on the container is correctly matched to each sample and that the time and position of the sampling is taken. Remote Sampler uses the built in device barcode reader to confirm collection of the sample and makes use of the GPS capabilities of the device to capture co-ordinates for the exact position of collection.

On site testing

In the event that the sampler needs to record data or carry out tests while on site, Remote Sampler first prompts the sampler, then guides them, via a wizard, through the process to ensure all of the correct information is captured. User input can be validated against preconfigured limits and a variety of conditional logic can be configured to build up a comprehensive and fully featured on site workflow.

Audit and Chain of Custody

Remote Sampler has a detailed audit trail built in to ensure that each sample has a full chain of custody from collection to the lab. The data held in the audit trail is objective and provides an independent record of sampling events that can be provided to the regulator during any sample audit.

For more information check out our Remote Sampler™ White Paper

Extending the Reach of LIMS through Remote Data Collection

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