Field Analytics System

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Field Analytics System

Field Analytics System

Matrix Gemini Stability Study provides a stability management system for complete control of stability studies for a variety of industries. This includes creation of the stability protocol with its various notes, required fields and imported documents. Under a study protocol the user defines the “batches” or “lots” associated with that study. A batch then contains a pull schedule, tests, conditions, cycles and test specifications specific to the protocol.

A set of standard reports are delivered with the system for reporting of the stability protocol and its associated results. Optionally, the system is also capable of producing projected shelf life trend analysis.

Matrix Gemini Field Analytics System Overview

Flexible Data Download

Used in conjunction with the Matrix Gemini LIMS system the Matrix Gemini Web Portal provides the ideal solution. Delivered as a simple plug-in it can be installed onto an existing website in minutes and configu

Users may select and download only the sample information they want. Sample data may then be edited and relevant test results recorded while isolated from the Internet. Data may then be uploaded into the LIMS database when connectivity allows, by a mobile data connection or when back in the laboratory.

The system authenticates user rights before allowing access for data download/upload. It also records user identities when data is uploaded or changed. To limit the data downloaded, users may specify which samples are of interest. This keeps sync times to a minimum. A built-in search facility allows users to limit the number of samples shown at any one time on the device.

red to provide controlled external access to clients and staff as needed.

Features & Benefits

  • Download Matrix Gemini LIMS sample and results data and store on a tablet or mobile device
  • Enter sample information and results data while offline
  • Upload sample and results data when Internet connectivity becomes available
  • Secure user authenticated access with a robust audit trail that logs all changes
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