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Our Veterinary Equipments covers a wide range of options for all your veterinary needs. Starting from the sophisticated instruments such as Pregnancy Detector and Milk Analysers, until the simple equipments such as gloves, aprons, and so forth.

 Pregnancy Detector by SIUI, China

Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instruments Co., Ltd. (SIUI), a shareholding company headquartered in Shantou city, southeast of China, has been dedicated to innovative development of healthcare and safety, and persistently engaged in R&D and manufacture of medical imaging systems and NDT equipment. SIUI has achieved significant breakthrough and is maintaining steady and rapid growth.

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laktan-220Milk & Moisture Analysers by Sibagropribor, Russia

Sibagropribor is the official manufacturer and the only owner of the patents and license which gives the right for the production of ultrasonic analysers. The invention of ultrasound milk analyzer belongs to “Sibagropribor” and confirmed by 5 patents. Reliability and quality of the products are acknowledged by the leading Russian and international companies.

With series of milk quality analysers of milk quality are used at various enterprises or agricultural farms different in their scale and specialization but tightly connected directly or indirectly with milk production and milk processing. Furthermore, sample analysis is done without the use of chemical reagents and extra equipment!

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Hematology Analyzer by Prokan, China

PE-6800VET hematology analyzer is 3-part differentiation of WBC. It is advantaged at digital technology, auto-relocation separatrix, intelligent flush, dual measuring technology (with time and volume) to ensure precise of the test results.

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10_09_flyer_MS_Microship_Syringe_100156:Layout 1Identification System by Schippers, Netherlands

Schippers is already known in Europe as one of the largest service suppliers for the intensive stock breeder. All commercial activities are taken care of by representatives and internal employees. Besides those people we have product specialists with specialised knowledge of particular product groups. We are active in pig-breeding, poultry and cattle. With full support both in logistics and product development, we aim to bring to all farmers the benefits of dealing with one of Europe’s leading agricultural supply companies.

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X-Ray Machinces by Yueshen, China

Guangzhou Yueshen Import & Export Co., Ltd., which is compounded with the R&D and sale of medical device, is the most excellent medical device supplier in China, especially in the field of medical X-ray machine.

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