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EBI 25 Wireless System

Monitoring of Temperature, Humidity and other measurements

The EBI 25 system for wireless monitoring of temperature, humidity and other measurements assures that perishable goods are produced and stored at the right conditions at all times. Other measurements can be integrated using Mod-bus over IP.

EBI 25 Wireless Monitoring System Overview

EBI 25 - Continuous Monitoring
EBI 25 - Quick intervention before it is too late
EBI 25 - Automatic Documentation

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring of all areas where food, pharmaceutical and medical products are produced and stored

Avoid loss of goods

With the continuous monitoring of all crucial temperature points 24 hours on 365 days a year

Quick intervention before it is too late

With a very wide and flexible alarm management (notification via email or acoustical)

Automatic Documentation

Through automatic recording, storage, and reporting of the measured data. Problems can easily be traced and audit reports can be generated instantly.

Worldwide access to measurement data

Via internet – at any time, any place and any PC with internet and network access. Security is ensured using a login and password.

Easy handling

Saves time, efforts and energy


Food sector

  • Continuous monitoring of cooling equipment, cool rooms and deep-freeze rooms
  • Monitoring of room temperatures and humidity values in a store

Pharmaceutical / Medical sector

  • Continuous monitoring of temperature sensitive goods like blood plasma or medicine
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring and other measurements in cooling chambers, clean rooms and incubators


Food sector

  • Compliance with the HACCP guidelines
  • All devices according to DIN EN 12830
  • Up to date reports always ready for food inspectors

Pharmaceutical / Medical sector

  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 functionality
  • Up to date reports generated on-demand for audits and inspections

For more information check out our EBI 25 – Wireless System Literature

EBRO Data Loggers

USB Data Loggers

USB Data Loggers

The easy to use data loggers with USB connection monitor the temperature and/or humidity during transport and storage of sensitive goods like medicine, food, serums etc.

Low Cost Data Logger

Standard Data Loggers

Standard data loggers for the continuous documentation and monitoring of temperature and humidity. The data loggers are particularly attractive because of their excellent price-performance ratio.

Mini Data Loggers

Mini Data Loggers

Mini data loggers for temperature and pressure measurements in tight spaces. Suitable not only for validation monitoring but can also be used for routine control monitoring.

Wireless System Data Logger

Wireless System Data Logger

Wireless monitoring of temperature, humidity and other measurements assures that perishable goods are produced and stored at the right conditions at all times.

New Data Logger Generation

New Data Logger Generation

EBI 12 – The new data logger generation for monitoring process and routine control as well as validation of processes

Multi Channel Temperature Data Logger

Multi-Channel Data Logger

The EBI 40 Multi-Channel Temperature Data Logger records temperatures during process monitoring and validation with live measurement curve on the multi-colored TFT display.

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