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Materials, Metals & Mining LIMS

Companies involved in mineral extraction, metal processing and mining activities understand the need for robust testing, monitoring and process risk assessments to control processes.

Matrix Gemini Pharmaceutical LIMS

The mining, extraction and processing industries use continuous production processes that rely on Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to ensure product standards, quality control and environmental safety standards as well as to improve productivity and meet regulatory needs.

These industries have a diverse range of laboratories depending mainly on the type of mineral being mined or processed.

Example mineral types include:

  • Rare earths
  • Coal
  • Base metals – Lead, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Chromium, Manganese
  • Heavy minerals – Titanium, Zircon, Precious metals
  • Gold, Platinum Group Metals (PGM)
  • Diamonds

Assured Standards and Traceability

By controlling environmental and work safety standards (in accordance with compliance regulations) organizations can balance the profitability of operations while still preserving the environment and staff safety. Data integrity and security can be assured as all changes to data must be authorized and recorded; only users with the relevant permission rights can gain access to secure data. Without a robust and adaptable information management system in place it is almost impossible to provide traceability, transparency and accuracy of data for management and auditing.

Benefits of using LIMS

  • Saving time through automation of laboratory processes
  • Improving compliance with stringent regulations
  • Monitoring the quality of mining output
  • Ensuring that every ounce of precious metals are accounted for

Ultimate Flexibility

From rare earths and base metals to gemstones, laboratories need to cover a broad range of testing regimes. Our highly-versatile Matrix graphical configuration tools allows configuration of the workflows and screens and tests may be created and modified using the supplied functionality.

Instant Analysis

The trending of results can be monitored with the Matrix Gemini LIMS Statistical Process Control charting. This type of quick reference to trends directly within Matrix screens leads to better interpretation of processes. There is no need to export data or open another tool to review Statistical Process Control data.

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