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Contract Laboratory LIMS

Matrix Gemini LIMS offers versatile reporting, audit trails and acts as a business management system.

Contract laboratories, big and small, serve a huge variety of different industries and sectors making their requirements for Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) extremely varied. Many of the industries they serve are highly regulated and need traceability, audit trails, sample tracking and flexible reporting as well as business management tools incorporated into the solution.

Business Management

Matrix Gemini is not only a LIMS – it is also a business management system, allowing the creation of quotations, order booking, pricing and generation of invoices either directly or via a corporate accounts system. The pricing module is completely configurable allowing discount structures based on customer, number of samples, turnaround times and more. This allows contract laboratories to offer and track personalized pricing while monitoring profitability to the test level.

Flexible Configuration

Perfect for contract laboratories of all sizes Matrix Gemini LIMS can be configured to suit your exact needs. Workflows, screen designs and terminology, for example, can be optimized for each client type that is encountered e.g. food, water, consumer goods, chemicals, oils.

Our highly-flexible LIMS can manage a very wide range of materials and tests making it perfect for contract laboratories that may have different divisions serving multiple industries. Test formats and associated limits or specifications can be user maintained without needing to contact Autoscribe, although our consulting services are happy to help should you want this or need the extra manpower.

Matrix Gemini LIMS also features a Bulk Sample Registration capability to save time when registering large numbers of samples of similar or dissimilar types. There is also the concept of a uniquely numbered job or project within Matrix Gemini with individual samples being allocated to the job/project.

Matrix Gemini Contract Laboratory LIMS Overview

Matrix Gemini LIMS Workflow

Prior to Matrix Gemini, some of the larger contract laboratories built their own custom management systems, with all the associated continued development costs and long timescales. Others have historically used different LIMS for different divisions within the same company due to the lack of flexibility within commercial systems.

Matrix Gemini has changed all of that – it has the flexibility to be suitable for a huge range of applications with all the benefits of a highly configurable commercial system. In large contract laboratories the same software can be used across multiple departments or divisions, each having the workflows, screens and pricing configured to their individual needs, reducing total cost of ownership.

Matrix Gemini Web Portal

Using the web based interface, contract laboratories customers can be given controlled access to register samples, check on the work status and obtain results. Some customers prefer to access the results themselves, rather than having to email or phone the lab to get them.

The Matrix Gemini Web Portal is also available to allows contract and in-house laboratories to provide 24/7 access so clients and staff can check on the status of their test samples, view test results and download invoices at any time of day, from anywhere. The web portal may be easily branded and incorporated into an external Company/Corporate website allowing controlled access and viewing of the Matrix Gemini LIMS database.

Find out more on Matrix Gemini Web Portal »

Out of the Box Configurable LIMS

Matrix Gemini is uniquely feature genuine configuration capabilities, with no custom coding, ensure an exact fit to customer requirements for a wide range of laboratories and processes. Matrix Configuration Tools provide superior flexibility which results in fast implementation and an interface that is familiar and comfortable for each user. In addition, a product that is easy to configure results in a long system life and therefore a reduced cost of ownership.

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