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Environmental & Water LIMS

Guarantee regulatory compliance and reduced costs in environmental, water, waste water laboratories

Unique Requirements

Matrix Gemini LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) contains many unique features to provide advanced software solutions for environmental labs. Although it is common belief that environmental labs perform the same basic tasks, the variability between labs is actually striking. For example, within the water supply industry, depending on the state, province, or country, there are varying rules which municipal water systems must meet in order to comply with regulatory requirements.

Similar variations are seen for testing air, gas, soil and leachate samples. These varying requirements thus help guide the lab workflow, quality control processes and final reporting. Matrix Gemini LIMS is equipped to meet this variability with a commercial off the shelf product that is configured to your lab’s specific needs.

Key Features

  • Manage all aspects of the collection and testing of environmental analysis
  • Schedule sample collection to ensure service level agreements are kept
  • Built-in quality control features simplify QC control sample testing
  • Charting functions make trend analysis and reporting easy
  • Quoting and billing features built-in
  • Web interface allows remote sample collection, management and reporting

Matrix Gemini LIMS for Environmental & Water Overview

Matrix Gemini Scheduler Module

With Matrix Gemini Scheduler running in the network, samples are automatically logged in at specified time intervals. The schedule is controlled from within Matrix Gemini and it uses the sample templates mentioned in the previous section.

For example, user can schedule the “Monday Plant A Effluent” samples to be automatically logged in at 3:00 AM every Monday. If the schedule falls on a holiday then those samples can automatically be scheduled for the previous or next day. Many options are available when using the Matrix Gemini Scheduler.

QC Test Results Example

Matrix Gemini LIMS has several built-in features to handle quality control samples. This includes creation of preparation batches and analytical (instrument) batches. Neither one is required, but if used, the analyst has the ability to create several different types of quality control samples manually. The following types of QC samples are standard:

  • Duplicates
  • Replicates
  • Spikes (Matrix Spike)
  • Spike Duplicates (Matrix Spike Duplicate, etc.)
  • Controls (LCS, CCV, ICV, etc.)
  • Control Duplicates (LCSD, etc.)

Each of the quality control sample types has a built-in calculation. This includes percent recovery, relative percent difference and average. Each test method can contain many named compounds. For example, metals method built into LIMS which contains lead, copper and iron. Organics tests may contain dozens of analytes. Authorized users of the LIMS have complete control over the design of the test method. With design method similar to spreadsheet application approach where there are columns, rows and calculations.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) Chart

Matrix Gemini LIMS contains several built-in quality control chart functions to assist the user in performing things such as trend analysis. Trending can be performed on “unknown” sample results along with quality control results. The standard set of QC charts include: histogram, RChart, MovingRChart, Trend, Xchart and IndividualXChart.

Field Analytics System

Matrix Gemini LIMS allows for remote users, such as sample collectors, to use our web-based interface to interact with the LIMS. Using any mobile devices with supported web browser, field technicians can login samples as they are collected, enter results etc.

In the case where poor mobile coverage occurs too often, causing technicians to stop uploading sample information and test results in the field, Matrix Gemini Field Analytics System allows them to work off-line, and upload data to the LIMS at their convenience.

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