Petrochemical LIMS

Petrochemical processing, a high-volume 24/7 environment, provides huge pressure to maximize yield while maintaining acceptable quality throughout the process

Laboratories are essential to a successful petrochemical operation to sample the incoming feedstock and outgoing product streams. They monitor product quality and ensure the plant maximizes output while minimizing environmental impact. Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) provide an easy way to manage the vast amounts of data collected in these production processes with 100% traceability for external auditing purposes.

Driving Safe, Profitable, High-Volume Production

Autoscribe’s Petrochemical LIMS are used by a number of large oil, gas and chemical companies looking to cut costs through production process automation and by keeping a tight grip on quality control. We can connect to test instruments and automatically monitor samples on a continuous basis to ensure separation, distillation, filtration and numerous other petrochemical processes are kept within limits.

Insightful Information Management

Our LIMS solutions provide graphical trending and statistical process control (SPC) charts of results, enabling insightful management actions to maximize revenues. With accurate information at your fingertips you can make more informed decisions, take immediate action to mitigate potential risks, and drive continuous improvement actions.

Matrix Gemini Petrochemical LIMS Overview

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