Biobank Management System

Biospecimen tracking and management software that helps you implement ISBER Best Practices

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Biobank Management System Workflow

Biospecimen tracking and management software

Specifically designed for biobanks and biorepositories Matrix Gemini Biobank Manager provides the ideal solution to manage and track your samples. Collect, store and process specimens with ease to support IBSER Best Practice recommendations and comply with regulatory requirements.

Record and manage donor/cohort information including consent data. Keep audited records of all specimens whether in process, in storage, or shipped to internal and external research projects.

The highly configurable nature of Matrix Gemini Biobank Manager makes it suitable for a wide range of studies, clinical trials, cohort collections and research projects.

Key Benefits

  • Track and manage studies, associated specimens and containers

  • Configure workflows to fit your exact needs using a graphical interface (no software coding required)

  • Built-in security restricts access to authorised personnel, as required

  • All actions automatically recorded in an audit trail

  • Sample storage and movement is logged, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Web browser or desktop user interfaces ensure the widest possible compatibility

Designed to Support ISBER Best Practices

Matrix Gemini Biobank Manager has been specifically developed to help biorepositories follow the ISBER Best Practices, and yet be highly adaptable.
Key ISBER Best Practices include:

  • Allocating and placing specimens
    Specify container type and multi-level hierarchies as you need with no limitation
  • Patient consent management
    Record and manage patient and specimen consent information
  • Specimen tracking, retrieval and shipping
    Record min/max shipping temperature and other key data as required
  • Two-step specimen moves that mimic real life processes
    Plan and confirm single, multiple or group specimen storage and moves
  • Management and calibration of equipment
    Log maintenance and calibration records of all laboratory equipment (including freezers)
  • Environmental monitoring to spot check fridge and freezer conditions
    Track storage temperatures across the biobank
  • Specimen location audits
    Ensure that specimens are where they should be through randomized location auditing
  • QA preventive and corrective action management to log actions and issues
    Ensure all non-conformances are logged, tracked and corrected
  • Record and manage required staff competency and training
    Automated staff competency checks ensure only trained staff perform key steps

Biobank Management System Overview

For more detailed information see our Matrix Gemini for Biobanking brochure

Discover the London hospital that chose Matrix Gemini for its biorepository to track sample and maximize freezer storage capacity

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