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Food and Beverage LIMS

Proving traceability and safety from farm gate to plate remains the highest priority

It has never been more critical for the food, dairy, beverage and brewing industries to maintain quality standards and safety guidelines while maintaining cost efficiencies. With recent news stories about contamination there is now increased visibility of the need for tracking, traceability and quality control and all within strict guidelines and regulations.

Global Supply Chain

Global Supply Chain

Food, dairy, beverage and brewing companies operate global supply chains of ingredients. But with global resources suffering from economic and environmental impacts there has never a greater need for quality control and traceability.

In-house or contract laboratories in these industries must adhere to compliance guidelines, improve efficiency and maintain profitability. They also need to manage critical production control points, requiring effective planning and scheduling of tests

Matrix Gemini LIMS for Food & Beverage Overview

Control Charts

Supports many different kinds of QC samples and tests: Duplicates, Replicates, Spikes, Spike Duplicates, Controls, Control Duplicates. When grouping samples for analysis. Results from these QC tests can be used for calculating final results on samples, such as correcting for recovery and relative percent difference.

Matrix also includes capabilities for control and trend charts, with automatically calculated values for Standard Deviation and flags for data points which signal the need for further investigation into the quality of the results.

Food Safety

Legislation such as the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has forced food producers to conduct hazard analysis and implement
preventative controls to ensure food quality. A laboratory information management system (LIMS) is critical to manage the records of sampling and test results.

Matrix Gemini LIMS provides great support strong functionality for many different types of analysis and quality control, it also offers flexible searching, trending, and reporting capabilities. Matrix Gemini LIMS provides a tailor-made information management system that can adjust to changing needs without the risks and delays involved in custom-programming a system.

Out of the Box Configurable LIMS

Matrix Gemini is uniquely feature genuine configuration capabilities, with no custom coding, ensure an exact fit to customer requirements for a wide range of laboratories and processes. Matrix Configuration Tools provide superior flexibility which results in fast implementation and an interface that is familiar and comfortable for each user. In addition, a product that is easy to configure results in a long system life and therefore a reduced cost of ownership.

US food Companies must now comply with Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Current Good Manufacturing Practice requirements (CGMPs). Whether the organization has been following HACCP for years, has already been certified under a GFSI scheme, or is struggling to gain control over their food safety processes, having the right tools and resources can save a lot of time and effort in ensuring compliance and responding to auditors.

The Matrix Gemini Environmental Monitoring module provides a solid framework to document the procedures followed, results of environmental monitoring, and corrective actions taken. The trending features provide an early warning of sanitation problems before they become violations, saving the company the headaches that go with discovering a problem too late to allow production and sales to continue uninterrupted.

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