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About Adam Equipment

Adam Equipment is a manufacturer of balances and scales serving laboratory, industrial, health and fitness, retail, and education customers worldwide. Since the company was founded in the United Kingdom more than four decades ago, Adam has strategically established a carefully designed network of offices throughout the world to ensure that a high level of service is provided to its customers, wherever they are. With facilities in the United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Australia and China, Adam maintains a strong global presence.

Adam Equipment - The Right Balance

Product Highlights

Analytical Balance

Suitable for laboratories of all types and sizes. Featuring a compact footprint, occupying minimal space on crowded lab workbenches. Equipped with weighing chambers to improve precision and ensure consistent results.

Precision Balance

Efficiently perform tasks such as formulation, density determination, purity analysis, quality control, packaging and filling, and materials and conformance testing. Performing high-precision weighing and accurate results.

Moisture Analyzer

Uses basic “loss-on-drying” technique to simultaneously weigh and heat the sample, reducing the testing period and providing greater measurement accuracy. Replacing traditional oven testing & the Karl Fischer titration method.

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