Quality Management System

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Quality Management Suite

Enabling regulatory compliance for your quality systems

The Matrix Quality Management Suite, part of our business information management system (BIMS) solutions, provides unique future proofing capabilities by easily adapting to suit your specific company needs both now and in the future. This software will also help facilitate compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 for regulated companies to reduce risk, liability and costs.

Quality Management Suite Overview

Asset Management

Stores all the information on company assets such as allocated unique identity, description, location, date of purchase, cost, depreciation allowance, person responsible, service schedules where relevant, calibration or safety tests where relevant and much more..

Mobile assets may also be tracked and this leads to a complete travel history or chain of custody where this is required. Version control of asset records provides the tracking of changes to a record without overwriting previous information.

Customer Feedback Management

Continually improve customer satisfaction/experience with actionable data logging and tracking of feedback with a register of complaints and compliments.

Manages the feedback with a clear view of outstanding actions and fully detailed responses. The system provides easy access to active issues by drilling down to action, details and investigation results. Filters enable location of specific records with ease.

Reports on customer issues and feedback to assist in identifying company weaknesses, be it with products, services or support. Improve your internal processes and assist with customer reviews and auditing.

Document Management

Track and manage all your documents whether stored within QMS or other applications such as Microsoft Word. Version control provides a full audit trail and historical record for traceability.

Manage the circulation of corporate documentation, automate the confirmation of staff attention and trace the history of revised documents for internal and external auditing and reporting.

Allow staff to view mission critical documentation from your network.

Audit Planning

Auditing is of fundamental importance to management and investors. Critical to uncovering problems or discrepancies in business operations it defines a procedure for quality improvement within departments and the organization.

  • Automate audit schedules and alert departments, and others, via e-mail
  • Trend historical performance to monitor improvements or quality issues
  • Generate checklists and worksheets from the system
  • Automate the managerial sign off process, saving time and costs
  • Easily store, report and select audit records for scrutiny
  • Track, store and manage the status of uncovered issues and automate next actions
  • Configure preferences and screens for your specific needs
  • Meet the required standards for ISO 9001 and ISO 9004

Corrective and Preventive Action Management

Record all issues associated with quality and auditing within your organization. Issues/actions can be defined and allocated to staff and teams with outcomes stored within the system.

Drive continual quality improvement across your whole organization by logging audit outcomes as well as customer comments and feedback.

Reduce risk and the expense of continual root cause of issues; in turn improve staff and customer experiences and financial performance.

Have your screens configured to reflect the specific workflow requirements of your organization. Report on specific areas of concern for your business.

Competency Tracking

You can now match the competencies of staff to the specific needs of their role within an organization. Ensure that staff have their skills assessed and offer external regulators and management insight into skills gained to establish if further training is required.

Schedule training dates and track staff confirmation from within the system. Certificates of competency can be distributed and stored for historical record of skills acquired. Automate the scheduling of outstanding training modules and refresher courses.

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