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Instrument Calibration & Maintenance System

Instrument Calibration & Maintenance System (ICMS)

Ensures your laboratory equipment is valid and available

The Instrument Calibration & Maintenance System (ICMS) keeps a record of all instruments within a laboratory, a history of maintenance events for audit purposes and helps to ensure only properly calibrated and maintained instruments are available for us

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ICMS Overview

ICMS Main Workflow

Instrument/equipment record screens include enough fields to accommodate, for example, code, description, class, serial number, property number, manufacturer, model number, supplier, current location, manual location, responsible user, telephone number of user, warranty information and support contract price (with tracking of renewal dates). Component level tracking e.g. for HPLC system, is also possible.

Lists of spares and consumables with current part numbers, suppliers and costs can be added and linked to the appropriate instrument/equipment record as needed.

ICMS keeping record of calibration results

The scheduling of calibration intervals can be done by usage rate or by time. Calibration limits may be set, e.g. balance weights, and actual calibration results checked automatically against these limits. Out of limit results will be flagged and the instrument status changed to unavailable, if required.

Comments can be recorded in result entry as in Matrix Gemini LIMS.

ICMS Instrument Property

The scheduling of routine maintenance/inspection intervals may be managed according to manufacturer’s recommendations. The recording of all faults, breakdowns and non-routine occurrences can also be accommodated. Each record shows time, date, user, description of the problem and the department where equipment was in use (the latter point is particularly relevant to portable or ‘signed-out’ items).

Comments can be entered for each maintenance event. Maintenance costs to cover contracts and nonscheduled events, including the cost of spares (and maybe consumables), may be entered to allow the tracking of running costs for each instrument.

ICMS Report Example

A standard set of reports is supplied with ICMS. The following are included:

  1.  Instrument list – provides an instrument inventory together with calibration and maintenance schedule
  2. Calibration list – list of instruments due for calibration over the next ‘x’ days
  3. Maintenance list – list of instruments due for a maintenance event over the next ‘x’ days
  4. Overdue calibrations & maintenance events
  5. Unavailable instruments
  6. Instrument labels

Additional reports may be developed using Crystal Reports Professional or other ODBC compliant reporting tools.

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