Laptop Design Ultrasound

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CTS-900V Neo

Lightweight veterinary B/W ultrasound system with superior image quality

The CTS-900V is a high-end laptop-design veterinary ultrasound Imaging system, which integrates imaging technologies of high-end trolley system. Though compact in dimension, it is featured with clear images and powerful functions, which are usually found In bulky ultrasound systems. It Is suitable for ultrasound exams for cardiology, OB, abdomen, reproductive systems on animals such as bovine, ovine, canine, feline, equine and porcine. It Is especially suitable for ultrasound exams in situations like zoos, farms and field.

CTS-900V Neo Overview

Product Highlights

CTS-900V Neo

A lightweight veterinary ultrasound system


A palm-sized veterinary ultrasound system

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