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Palm-sized veterinary ultrasound system

CTS-800 Overview

Monitor: 7-inch WVGA LCD monitor

Weight: 0.8kg

Environmental rating: IP54 (main unit), IP67 (probe head)

Battery: 3 hours operation time

Display mode: B, 2B, ZOOM B, B/M, M

Depth: Max to 250mm

B gain: 0-100

Image storage: 256 frames

Cine loop: 256 frames

Probe: L50/7.5 MHz linear rectal probe (standard)

L65/5.0 MHz linear rectal probe (optional)

R20/5.0 MHz micro convex probe (optional)

Gravity Sensor: You can operate the ultrasound system either in transversal layout or vertical layout. It can automatically adapt to two different layouts when you rotate it.

Grid for estimation: With grid on the image area, you can easily estimate the size of the target substance like follicle, fertilized egg, etc.

Product Highlights

CTS-900V Neo

A lightweight veterinary ultrasound system


A palm-sized veterinary ultrasound system

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