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Matrix Covid LIMS

A ready to deploy ‘off-the-shelf’ LIMS for Covid testing laboratories.

Fast Covid LIMS Deployment

Fast Covid LIMS Deployment

The Matrix Covid LIMS is pre-configured for fast deployment into laboratories performing Covid testing. Used in multiple laboratories Covid LIMS incorporates all the essential elements required to provide instant test reporting and a work management platform for laboratories.

  • Manage incoming Covid test requests
  • Maintain confidentially of patient data
  • Rapid accessioning using barcode labels
  • Manual or automated Covid test result import
  • Result validation and approval screens to view and approve Covid test results
  • Automated Covid certificate of analysis and reporting tools
  • Complete chain of custody of Covid samples

Key Benefits of Covid LIMS

  • Matrix Covid LIMS efficiently manages accessioning of Covid samples

  • Manages patient Covid data and reporting securely, only providing access ‘as needed’

  • Maintains an audit trail recording laboratory activities with a date and time stamp

  • Automatically imports instrument Covid test results

  • Built-in configuration tools allow every screen to be altered to capture the Covid data you need

  • Generates & sends Covid test reports to comply with local/government requirements

Key Benefits of Covid LIMS
Covid LIMS Registration

Expand Covid LIMS Solution as You Need

Clinical testing laboratories that want to expand beyond Covid testing can do so with Autoscribe’s Covid LIMS. Additional tests and test workflows can easily be added as needed using the maintenance options within the system to extend the range of services offered beyond Covid testing. Create Fit to Fly certificates, email them directly to clients, and even hand off data to government Covid systems if needed.

Matrix Covid LIMS can be rapidly deployed into a clinical laboratory for Covid testing and then extended to help your further needs. Matrix Configuration tools may be included with Matrix Covid LIMS allowing you to change every screen in the workflow to your exact needs, whether that be adding extra fields to capture data during sample registration or viewing extra fields during Covid test result validation and approval. Matrix Covid LIMS can grow with your laboratory, so whether you are a single analyst or a multi-site organisation with many staff Matrix Covid LIMS will easily scale to your needs.

Discover Matrix Covid LIMS

Find out how the Matrix Covid LIMS starter solution can be instantly deployed to help get your Covid-19 laboratory up and running quickly, and how it can be extended beyond Covid LIMS to meet all your diagnostic testing needs as you grow.

Discover Matrix Covid LIMS

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