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pH & Conductivity

Ebro contain a variety of instruments for the measurement of pH values as well as conductivity in microSiemens. PHX 800 as a standard testing device for the pH values. TDS 3 as a standard testing device for microSiemens/cm².

For professional use one can select from the following range: PHT 810 pH meter instrument and PHT 830 pH meter, temperature compensated, with a variety of different electrodes, and the CT 830 conductivity measurement instrument, temperature compensated.

MeterParameterMeasurement rangeProbe typeProbe connection
PHT 810 pH MeterpH0 pH … 14 pHVarious electrodes availableBNC
PHT 830 pH MeterpH0 pH … 14 pHpH-electrode with plastc shaftPlug BK 6-pin
PHX 800 pH TesterpH0 pH … 14 pHIntegrated electrode
CT 830 Conductivity MeterConductivity0 … 200 μS, 0 … 2000 μS, 0 … 20 mS, 0 … 500 mSGraphite electrodePlug BK 6-pin
TDS 3 Conductivity TesterConductivity0 … 1,999 μS, 0 … 19.99 mSIntegrated electrode

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