Agriya Analitika would like to say thank you very much to everyone attending the “Turning Your Laboratory into a Profit Centre by Implementing LIMS” technical seminar on Lab Indonesia Digital Networking 2020. And also to Jodie Poole for delivering an excellent presentation!

Turning Your Laboratory into a Profit Centre by Implementing LIMS

Topic Background

The QC laboratory is often perceived to be a cost center by management, resulting in organizational planning to reduce the amount spent to run the lab at the expense of the many benefits that this entity can provide to the organization. Testing is seen as a necessary evil rather than a means to producing the best quality products through efficient, configurable and auditable laboratory systems.

QC Labs are normally understaffed (the cost!), with employees working under pressure and requiring overtime to complete work to enable the release of quality products. A well-organized lab using a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) will realize many financial benefits, as staff can complete work faster during standard business hours, producing better outcomes for the manufacturing side of the business.

A quality LIMS will allow out of specification results to be actioned quickly, in-spec results to be automatically released upon approval, instrument calibration and maintenance tasks to be scheduled, and staff training records to be tracked, thereby ensuring that testing is performed by those with the appropriate certification.

In Case You Missed It!

Did you have missed our seminar? Worry not! You can watch it below. And to save your time, the presentation it self starts @10.50. Enjoy!

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