27 02, 2022

Testing the Limits in LIMS – Part 1

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A two-part series covering what limits are and how to apply them in a LIMS. One of the many benefits of implementing a LIMS is the reduction, or elimination, of potential user error and the consistent application of standard operating procedures. Nowhere is this more important than in checking test results against predefined limits.

30 12, 2021

Customers Use Configurable Nature of Matrix Gemini LIMS

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Configurable Matrix Gemini LIMS has been used in very different ways depending on the work being performed, the various types of samples to be analyzed, and the information to be reported. It is worth exploring some of the ways in which LIMS is used and what needs to be tracked in each case.

16 09, 2021

Matrix Covid LIMS Provides Fast Start for Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories

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Matrix Covid LIMS is pre-configured for fast deployment into laboratories performing Covid testing. The solution has already been deployed to drive efficiency and aid identification of Covid positive cases in the fight against the global pandemic.

29 06, 2018

LIMS Configuration or Customization Part 3

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Matrix Gemini can be configured and the configuration tools utilize a very intuitive modern visual workflow screen editor with drag and drop and point and click functionality. Context sensitive help provides details of all the options available to that class of screen.

4 06, 2018

LIMS Configuration or Customization Part 2

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LIMS must be flexible enough to support the different needs and working practices of individual laboratories. Although most LIMS are described as ‘configurable’, there are two very different approaches to achieving the final system – true configuration and customization.