Compliance Management Suite

Compliance Management Suite

Information is the key for all organisations regarding compliance regulations. To ensure that you conform with regulatory guidelines you must have easy access to information that shows evidence of compliance. This includes information covering audits, corrective and preventative action management, tracking staff competency, monitoring customer feedback, managing company assets and evidence of managing controlled documents.

The Compliance Management Suite is available as a complete suite of modules covering the above areas or it can be purchased as individual modules covering specific aspects. The modules are:

  • Audit Planning to assist in the planning conducting and reporting of internal and external audits
  • Corrective and Preventive Action (CA/PA) Management helps you to address issues within an organization and stop them occurring on a regular basis. The issues could originate from an audit, customer feedback or a training issue but it can be tracked using this module.
  • Competency Tracker allows you to record the competencies that individuals have and compare them with what competencies are required for the person to be effective in their role. It can be used to help identify training requirements so the person can be more effective in their role.
  • Customer Feedback records issues that potentially need to be addressed to achieve customer satisfaction. Any issues can recorded, allocated to a person or department for resolution and their status monitored until the issue is closed out.
  • Asset Management allows an organization to track their assets from acquisition to disposal. It can be used to track location, owner and other asset specific information to provide up-to-date management information and reports.
  • The Controlled Document module allows you to track all important documents within your organization. If can be used to store details of author, version number, date of issue and other document specific information.

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    have clear my concept after this read article and diagram have to clear all compliance management evidence. I would like to thank you.
    Compliance management in Pakistan

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